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Damien Tissot

Senior Lecturer of French Language and Literature

Klarman Hall, Room K124


Damien Tissot is a senior lecturer in the Romance Studies Department. He received his Ph.D. in Gender Studies from Paris VIII University in 2013. His dissertation, titled “Feminism and Universalism: Toward a Common Definition of Justice”, combines his interests in gender studies and philosophy. Through the lens of feminist theory and postcolonial critique, it provides a genealogy of the idea of universalism and explores the ways in which the notion of universalism was used in feminist claims for justice. His current research interests include dialogues between American and French feminisms, transnational feminist alliances, theories of care and ethics, ecofeminisms, feminist movements in the Caucasus, and Paul Ricoeur’s philosophy.

Among his teaching interests are Caribbean and Maghrebi literature with a specific focus on Haïtian and Moroccan literature, an interest that was nourished by his living in both of these countries. He is also particularly interested in the uses of technologies in both language and literature courses.


  • Romance Studies



  • « Féminismes, justice et universalisme: esquisse d’une réconciliation dans la philosophie de Paul Ricoeur », Philosophy Today, vol.58, issue 4 (Fall 2014), pp.623-643
  • « Être fidèle à soi: éthique, féminisme et justice à la lumière de l’œuvre de Paul Ricoeur », Revue d’Études ricoeuriennes/Ricœur  Studies, vol. 4, issue 1, edited by Scott Davidson & Johann Michel (Summer 2013), pp.92-112

Book chapters

  • « Feminism and Universalism: Toward New Solidarities », in Feminist Interpretations of Paul Ricoeur, ed. Annemie Halsema & Fernanda Henriques, coll. Studies in the Thought of Paul Ricoeur edited by D.Stiver & G.Johnson, New York: Lexington/Rowman & Littlefield, [forthcoming]
  • « Introduction », in La Révolution point zéro. Travail domestique, Reproduction, et lutte féministe. [provisional title]. Translated by Damien Tissot. Paris: Editions de l’iXe (2014)

Translations of books

  • Silvia Federici, Revolution at Point Zero. Housework, Reproduction and Feminist Struggle, Oakland: PM Press (2012); for the French translation : La Révolution point zero. Travail domestique, Reproduction, et lutte feministe. [provisional title], Translated / with an introduction by Damien Tissot ; Paris: Editions de l’iXe (2014)