Christina Soto van der Plas wins Hohendahl Prize

We are delighted to announce that Christina Soto van der Plas, Ph.D. candidate in Spanish, has won the Peter Uwe Hohendahl Graduate Essay Prize in Critical Theory.¬† In their citation, this year’s prize committee wrote that they were “very impressed by [Christina's] framing of a complex question (i.e., realism in relation to reflection theory of Marxism) and then the way [she pursued] the investigation¬†through patient readings of key theorists.” Christina describes her own work on 20th-century Latin American literature as informed by the idea of “transliterature” that “goes across genres, themes, traditions, time periods, and geographies, and is intricately related to her other research interests, among them psychoanalysis, philosophy, and music.”¬† Congratulations, Christina!