Paz Soldán’s “Norte” Receives Great NYT Review

Professor Edmundo Paz Soldán’s latest novel, Norte, has received a great book review from The New York Times. The novel follows three separate protagonists as they travel north over the US-Mexico border and is “a tale of displacement and the very human costs of immigration,” according to the publisher. Lili Wright of The New York Times writes, ““One should show compassion to all creatures scrabbling along their path in life, should be willing to throw a cloak of pity over the shoulders of even a man like Jesús,” the ranger leading the manhunt ponders. We don’t forgive, but we understand. This is the Bolivian-born Paz Soldán’s miraculous gift. With unflinching realism and steely grace, Norte reminds us why literature can do what journalism cannot: We inhabit the minds of people we’d prefer to forget.”

Read the full review, published on November 18, 2016, at The New York Times here. For more information about Norte, visit The University of Chicago Press page here.