Patricia Keller

Assistant Professor of Spanish Literature; Director of Graduate Studies

pkeller@cornell.edupkeller Office: KLR K264 Phone: email only

Patricia Keller, Assistant Professor of Spanish Literature, received her B.A. in Spanish and English Literature from the University of Kansas and her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Her research and teaching interests are in the fields of modern and contemporary Spanish cultural studies, literature, film, and photography.  She recently published a book, Ghostly Landscapes: Film, Photography, and Aesthetics of Haunting in Contemporary Spanish Culture  (University of Toronto Press), in which she examines the relationship between ideology, spectrality, and visual culture in fascist and post-fascist Spain. Through multi-genre readings, her study looks at landscapes in 20th-century Spanish newsreels, film, and photography as texts that reveal new ways of seeing the politics and poetics of place. Her work theorizes the ways in which visualizing Spanish modernity is intricately connected to representations of loss and to an “aesthetics of haunting,” articulated as the visualization of a place bound to and haunted by remnants of its traumatic past.

She was a fellow at Cornell’s Society for the Humanities during the 2012-2013 academic year, where she began working on her second book project on Spanish photography, wounds, ethics, and structures of belief.

Recent Courses

Spanish 2140: “Modern Spanish Literature”
Spanish 2230: “Perspectives on Spain”
Spanish 3560: “Spanish Cinema: 1975 – The Present”
Spanish 3910: “Todo Almodóvar”
Spanish 3940: “Spanish Cinema 1950-75: The Sinister, the Satirical, and the Scandalous”
Spanish 4700/6700: “Film, Photography, Literature. Visualizing Contemporary Spain”
Spanish 4730: “Narratives of Abandonment and Return in 20th Century Spain”
Spanish 4750: “Between Landscape and Loss”
Spanish 6820: “The Architecture of Desire: Luis Buñuel & Film Theory”
Shum 4972/Span 4972/Visst 4972: “Photography in Crisis”
Span 6830: “Post-Totalitarian Spanish Literature”

Research Interests

Contemporary Peninsular Literature and Culture
Fascist Technologies and Spectacles
Cultural Studies and Critical Theory
Film Studies, Film Theory, and Spanish New Wave Cinema
Galician Language & Literature
Theories of Landscape and Place
Photography as Text

Selected Publications


Ghostly Landscapes: Film, Photography and the Aesthetics of Haunting in Contemporary Spanish Culture. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016.

Photography’s Wound: Exposing Belief in Times of Uncertainty (book in progress)

Selected Articles

“Espera, Andalucía: la crisis, el tiempo de la espera y la fotografía de Markel Redondo” forthcoming in La retórica del sur: Representaciones y discursos sobre Andalucía en el periodo democrático. Ed. Antonio Gómez-López Quiñones. Trans. Rodrigo Hasbún. Sevilla: Ediciones Alfar, 2015.

“Cinematic Time and the Question of Possibility in Carlos Saura’s Elisa, vida mía (1977).”  Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas, Vol. 10.1 (March 2013): 3-22.

“Place & The Politics of Loss in Mercedes Alvarez’s El cielo gira (2004).” Hispanic Research Journal, Vol. 13.4 (August 2012): 361-81.

“Joan Fontcuberta’s Landscapes—Remapping Photography and the Technological Image.” Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Vol. 12: 2 (2011): 129-153.