Planning an Event

Should you need assistance in planning an event, please fill out the support request form at:

Flyers and Posters

Please give all flyers and posters to Katy Kempf for posting in Klarman Hall and the Arts quad.

Events on the Website

To have your event posted to the Romance Studies website and the Events at Cornell page, please forward information and a poster/flyer to Katy Kempf.

Events on Facebook and Twitter

All events that are posted on the Romance Studies website will also be posted on the Romance Studies Facebook page. These are posted by the Accounts Coordinator.


Please forward news to the Accounts Coordinator to post on the website and Facebook. All news is welcome and will be reviewed by the Administrative Manager and the Department Chair prior to being posted. You can specify to which platforms you would like the news to be posted. A few good examples of news: Grad student gets a job; undergrad student does a summer internship in the field of Romance Studies; a Romance Studies professor speaks at a conference; etc.