The Department of Romance Studies offers students the possibility to take courses in the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) world, in particular those of Brazil.

Course Descriptions

Please refer to the Portuguese section within the Romance Studies course offerings for detailed descriptions about the courses we offer.  Note that bracketed courses are not being taught this academic year.

See our departmental  fall course roster or spring course roster for courses offered in Portuguese language and literature during the current academic year.

Minor Requirements

Courses in Portuguese language and in Brazilian, Portuguese, and other Lusophone literatures and cultures count towards a minor in Spanish or Latin American Studies. Now that our minor in Brazilian Studies is approved, courses can count retroactively towards this minor.

Minor in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies:

In order to complete an undergraduate minor in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, students must take at least five courses (a minimum of 15 credits) by selecting courses from the Portuguese and Brazilian Studies Minor Course List (see below). Among these courses, the core course PORT 2800 – Perspectives on Brazil and one course at the advanced level (3000 and above) are required. A minimum grade of B- will be required for courses to count toward the minor. Courses not on the list may be approved by petition only. Courses on Latin America or other topics with a Brazilian, Portuguese, or Lusophone African component may be counted toward the credit requirement upon consultation with the faculty advisor. Language competence must be demonstrated by successfully completing PORT 2020 or its equivalent. Language instruction below the 2010 level may not be counted toward the credit requirement. Please note that courses taken as part of a study abroad program in Brazil or Portugal (maximum two courses) may count towards meeting the above requirements.

Students wishing to enroll in the minor must register their intent by contacting Professor Cary Howie, who will assign a faculty advisor.

Course List:

Core Course

PORT 2800 – Perspectives on Brazil: Offered every fall semester through the Romance Studies Department, this course focuses on research in various disciplines related to Brazil, taking into account recent cultural, political, economic, and social trends. Themes include cinema, music, literature, race class and gender, and twentieth-century Brazilian history.

Courses in the Department of Romance Studies

Any course coded PORT and numbered 2800 and above.

Courses on Brazilian Materials in other Departments

ANTHR 3734 – [Brazil: Many Cultures, One Nation]

HIST 1950 – The Invention of the Americas

HIST 1960 – Modern Latin America

ARTH 3550 – [Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art]

ARTH 4155 – [Topics in Latin American Art]

MUSIC 3609 – Brazilian Ensemble – Deixa Sambar

Study Abroad

Cornell offers great opportunities to study abroad in Brazilian cities such as Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. For details on undergraduate study abroad in Brazil, consult with Cornell Abroad. For graduate studies, contact Prof. Pedro Erber.