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Matías Oviedo

Graduate Student

Matías Oviedo

Klarman Hall, Room KG45


I am a PhD Candidate in the Romance Studies Department focusing on contemporary Latin America. My dissertation, Making Sense at the End of the World: Non-human Reading and Inscription in Latin America, examines how non-human actors—celestial bodies, predictive technologies, or pollutants—are redefining what we understand by reading and writing in the twenty-first century. I argue that they do so by challenging the exceptionality of and thus redefining human agency. I draw widely from environmental humanities to new media studies, focusing on contemporary literature, film, and art from Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. I hold a Licenciatura in Modern Literature from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina, where I focused on contemporary literature from the Southern Cone.


  • Romance Studies


Spring 2021