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Shawn McDaniel

Assistant Professor of Romance Studies

Klarman Hall, Room K117


Shawn McDaniel (Ph.D. The Graduate Center, CUNY) is Assistant Professor of Romance Studies and the Emerson-Krapels Faculty Fellow. He is also affiliated with the Latina/o Studies and the Latin American Studies Programs at Cornell.

Intersecting Caribbean, Latin American, and Latinx literary and cultural studies, his current research explores subjectivity, aesthetics, race, sexuality, and dissidence in print and visual cultures of the Americas from the 19th century to the present, especially in and in-between New York, Havana, and Montevideo.

He is currently completing a book manuscript, Centenary Subjects: Race, Reason, and Rupture in the Americas, which interrogates the ambiguous contours of arielismo—one of Latin America’s most influential anti-imperialist paradigms and idealistic pedagogies—, and highlights a plethora of racial, epistemological, and anarchistic formations concealed within its spiritual vision for Latin American youth and futurity in the early 20th century.

Another book project in preparation, Cuban Chic: Queer Deco and Diasporic Modernism in Havana, New York, and Paris, examines the racialized and queer dimensions of Cuban modernist and art deco culture (literature, art, fashion, film, and music) between the two World Wars.

Recent Courses

  • Nueva York: Caribbean Urbanisms
  • Cuba: The Repeating Island
  • Dandies, Drugs, and Fetishes: Modernismo
  • Hispanic Caribbean Rhythms and Aesthetics
  • Decolonizing Latinidad
  • Resistance and Revolution in the Caribbean
  • Nature in Latin America
  • Anti-Imperialism in Latin America
  • Survey of Contemporary Latin American Literature


  • Latina/o Studies Program
  • Romance Studies


  • Cuban literary and cultural studies
  • Latin American Modernismo
  • Latinx New York City
  • Race in the Americas
  • Queer studies
  • Critical theory
  • Scottish Gaelic diasporic culture (Canada, United States, Argentina, the Caribbean)



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