Conference and Travel Funding

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Here is information regarding funds available to Cornell University Romance Studies graduate students from the department’s Berkowitz Endowment. If you have additional questions, please contact Katy Kempf or Rob Van Brunt.

1. Berkowitz Graduate Student Conference Funds

Romance Studies graduate students are eligible to receive up to $2,000 during their time in the department as travel reimbursements for participation at a conference. You may elect to use these funds for one trip–if expenses for travel are particularly high–or budget them to cover two or more different trips. If you fly to the conference, Cornell will reimburse you for basic economy class tickets only.

Please note that the department requires that you first apply to the Graduate School for their funding support to participate in a conference. You may apply for one Graduate School Conference Grant each academic year. For more information and the application form on the Graduate School website, click here.

If you have been turned down or have not received sufficient funds from the Graduate School to cover your conference travel–and you have not used up your department allotment as described above–please submit a budget request, using this form, to Katy Kempf in advance of your travel.   She will review the request and submit it to our department chairperson for approval.

Please attach the following items to your request form:

  • a copy of your invitation to present at the conference
  • a copy of the page of the conference program showing the session at which you will present
  • a copy of the conference travel application you submitted to the Graduate School
  • a copy of the Graduate School’s reply to your request

In order to receive the requested funds, you should submit a Cornell University Travel Reimbursement Request to the ROMS staff Accounts Rep upon your return. Copies of this form are available in the copier room. Your request must be accompanied by original receipts for all authorized expenses.

2.  Language-Related Research

During your time as a Romance Studies graduate student you are eligible to receive up to $1,300 for language-related research.  The request must be made in advance and must include a statement in support of the requested expense signed by your committee chair.  Please bring the completed request to Katy Kempf in K173 Klarman Hall.   She will verify your eligibility and submit the request to the department chairperson for approval.  The items being purchased must be allowable according to university policy.   Katy Kempf can answer your questions concerning “allowability.”

3.  MLA Interview Travel

While on the job market a Romance Studies graduate student can receive up to $750 to attend interviews at the MLA.   This will be handled as a travel reimbursement for expenses requested (airfare, ground transportation, hotel room, conference registration, etc.) and does not have to be approved in advance. Please make your requests to Katy Kempf.  The department does not pay for meals.

4. Research Travel / Flex Funds

Romance Studies graduate students are eligible to use up to $1,000 towards research-related travel AND/OR to supplement the departmental funding for conference, language-related research, and MLA travel. Research travel is defined by the use of location-specific resources (such as archives, museum collections, etc). Graduate students may decide to use this $1,000 in one or multiple requests (trips), for any of the purposes outlined above.

To apply for research funding, please attach the following items to your research travel reimbursement request form, signed by your committee chair, and give to Katy Kempf before you depart:

  • a statement describing how this trip supports your dissertation research;
  • an itinerary and proposed budget; and
  • the receipts of expenses already purchased for your trip.

Receipts for any additional items to be reimbursed should be given to Jess Brenn upon your return.


last updated June 27, 2018