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Title Office Hours Office Email
Aching, Gerard Professor of Africana and Romance Studies   KLR K116 gla23
Alkire, Ti Senior Lecturer of French and Italian Language 3:45-4:30pm Mon & Wed KLR K150 eha1
Amigo-Silvestre, Silvia Senior Lecturer of Spanish Language 1-2pm Mon & Wed. KLR K147 sa254
Andreoni, Giulia Graduate Student - Italian   KLR KG46 ga275
Arroyo, Ciriaco Emerson Hinchcliff Professor of Hispanic Studies, Emeritus     cma6
Bachminska, Ewa Senior Lecturer of Polish Language By appt. (including Skype). KLR K135 eb583
Bal, Amber Graduate Student- French     ab2922
Baraldi, Michela Senior Lecturer of Italian Language

9-10am Mon. & Wed.
12-1pm Tues., & by appt.

KLR K146 mb348
Barrientos-Gomez, Andy Graduate TA - Spanish   KLR KG46 alb445
Bereaud, Jacques Professor of French Literature, Emeritus     jb73
Beviá, Mónica Senior Lecturer of Spanish Language   KLR K145 mjb383
Beviá, Tomás Senior Lecturer of Spanish Language   KLR K144 tjb99
Broner, Martina Graduate Student - Spanish   KLR KG50 mb2275
Brown, Diane Managing Editor, Diacritics   KLR K361 db662
Cadahia, Luciana Visiting Assistant Professor in Spanish 11am-12:15pm Mon & Fri, & by appt.  KLR K142 mlc372
Campbell, Timothy Professor of Italian Studies facetime (, confirm via email. URGENT situations, please call 
‪(607) 216-8467‬.
KLR K369 tcc9
Carter, Samuel Graduate TA - Spanish 1-2pm Mon. & 10-11am Wed. KLR KG50 skc75
Cash, Conall Graduate Student - French     cjc336
Caswell, Pierre-Elliot (Peter) Graduate TA - French   KLR KG49 pc677
Cervesi, Flaminia Senior Lecturer of Italian Language On Leave Spring 2020 KLR K143 fcm4
Chang, Julia Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies 3-5pm Tues. KLR K365 julia.chang
Colanzi, Liliana Adjunct Assistant Professor of Spanish Literature 2:50-3:50pm Tues & Thurs. KLR K105 lc566
Colby-Hall, Alice Professor Emerita of French Literature   KLR K107 amc12
Cole, Hannah Graduate TA external- Spanish     hrc37
Dani, Valeria Visiting Lecturer   KLR K134 vd76
Dempsey, Mary Jane Graduate TA - Italian 12:15-1:15 pm Monday, or by appt.  KLR KG49 md895
Diaz Klaassen, Francisco Graduate TA - Spanish   KLR KG46 fd222
Dubreuil, Laurent Professor of French, Francophone, and Comparative Literature On Leave Spring 2020 KLR K260 ld79
Edlund-Chescheir, Ashley Graduate TA - Spanish   KLR KG46 ame237
Eibenstein-Alvisi, Irene Senior Lecturer of Romance Studies 1:45-2:45pm Mon & Wed, & by appt.  KLR K125 ie10
Erber, Pedro Associate Professor of Luso-Brazilian Studies On Leave 2019-20 KLR K265 pre5
Finielz, Elise Graduate TA - French 12:30-2:30pm Tues. KLR KG49 eff36
Frost, Jackqueline Graduate Student - French     jnf49
Fulginiti, Valentina Lecturer of Italian Language   KLR K141 vf65
Furman, Nelly Professor of French Literature, Emerita     nf12
Gannuscio, Alexander Graduate TA - Spanish   KLR KG 48 ajg372
Garces, María Antonia Professor Emerita of Hispanic Studies     mg43
García Piñar, Pablo Lecturer of Spanish Language

11am-12pm Mon. & 12:30-1:30pm Wed.

KLR K152 pg254
Garrote Pascual, Álvaro Graduate TA - Spanish   KLR KG45 ag2295
Glidja, Flavien Senior Lecturer of French Language

10-11am Mon & Wed
3-4pm Friday

KLR K131 ftg2
Greenberg, Mitchell Goldwin Smith Professor of Romance Studies On Leave Spring 2020 KLR K267 mdg17
Greer, Brandon Graduate TA - French 11:30am-12:30 pm Tues. & by appt.  KLR KG50 bmg97
Grossvogel, David Goldwin Smith Professor of Comparative Literature and Romance Studies, Emeritus
Guimiot, Vincent Graduate Student - French     vbg9
Harmath-De Lemos, Simone Teaching Associate in Portuguese 1:30-3:30 Monday KLR 129 shd57
Hernández-Pachón, Eliana Graduate TA - Spanish   KLR KG46 eph55
Hile, Cal Undergraduate Coordinator   KLR K165 clh2
Howie, Cary Associate Professor of Romance Studies On Leave Spring 2020 KLR K112 csh34
Huelster, Nicholas Graduate TA- French   KLR KG50 neh55
Hughes, Hannah Graduate Student - French     hch43
Hung, Cristina Graduate Student - Spanish     ch567
Illana Mahiques, Emilia Lecturer in Spanish Language 12-1pm Tues. & Thurs. KLR K132 ei78
Jeudy, Magdala Lissa Graduate Student- French     mlj76
Kane, Emily Graduate Student - French     ekk43
Karczewski, Julia Graduate TA - French 10-11am Mon. & Wed. KLR KG48 jak467
Keller, Carolyn Assistant to the Chair/Human Resources, Communications Specialist   KLR K170 cak277
Keller, Patty Associate Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature; Director of Graduate Studies, Comparative Literature   KLR K264 pmk73
Kempf, Katy Graduate Field Assistant / Academic Events Coordinator   KLR K173 clk36
Kennedy, John Graduate TA - Spanish   KLR KG45 jwk258
Kherbi, Souad Visiting Assistant Professor in Francophone   KLR K117 sk3286
Klein, Richard Professor of French Literature, Emeritus     rjk11
Kwong, Kevin Graduate TA external- French     kk936
Lawless, Cecelia Senior Lecturer of Spanish Language and Literature; Director of Undergraduate Studies 9-10 a.m. & 4:15-5:15 p.m. Wed. KLR K112 cbl6
LeBlanc, Richard Graduate Student - French     rl633
Lewis, Philip Professor of French Literature, Emeritus      
Li, Chenyun Graduate TA - Spanish

Thursday 3-5pm, Mobile phone call or WhatsApp (607-262-2928), confirm previously via email; URGENT situations please call 607-262-2928 or 607-262-2013.

KLR KG48 cl2393
Long, Kathleen Professor of French Literature On Leave 2019-20 KLR K270 kpl2
Lopez, Stephanie Graduate Student- Spanish     sml363
Lorca Fuentealba, Paulo Graduate TA - Spanish 11 a.m. Mon & Wed. KLR KG49 pdl59
Maldonado-Mendez, Nilsa Visiting Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Office hours:, Thursday & Friday: 6:30-7:30 AM & 9:30-10:30 PM
URGENT situations please TEXT 607-229-3202 


KLR K154


Márquez Robredo Tizano, L. Rodrigo

Graduate Student- Spanish     lrm247
Martini-Lyons, Mary Beth Administrative Manager   KLR172 mm524
Matthews, Jacob Graduate Student- French     jam963
May, Marcus Accounts Coordinator   KLR K167 mmm493
McDaniel, Shawn Assistant Professor of Romance Studies On Leave 2019-20 KLR K117 sm2362
McNulty, Tracy Professor of French and Comparative Literature; Chair of Comparative Literature   KLR K266 tkm9
Ménard, Claire Lecturer of French Language to make a skype or Zoom appointment KLR K128 claire.menard
Migiel, Marilyn Professor of Romance Studies

11:15-11:45am & 1:45-3:15pm Mon, & by appt.

Office hours are now available via Zoom or Skype. Please email in advance to schedule videoconferencing either by emailing a link to Zoom or by exchanging Skype handles; URGENT situations please call +1 607 539 6559 [landline]

KLR K109 mm55
Molinie, Magali Adjunct Associate Professor of French Literature 10-11am Tues & Thurs  KLR K272 mm2324
Moore, Kelly Graduate TA - Spanish   KLR KG46 kcm98
Mursi, Ebtisam Graduate TA - Spanish 11am-12pm Mon & Tues KLR KG49 esm235
Nascimento, André Graduate Student- Spanish     adn52
Oliveira, Jura Senior Lecturer of Portuguese Language 12:15-1:15pm Mon-Wed. KLR K126 jo20
Oviedo, Matías Graduate Student - Spanish     mbo33
Pasquer, Romain Graduate Student - French     rp524
Paz Soldán, Edmundo Professor of Latin American Literature; Chair of Romance Studies 2:30-4:30pm Tues. KLR K267 jep29
Picheta, Alexandra Graduate TA- French exchange   KLR KG50 ap2249
Pinet, Simone Professor of Spanish Literature; Director of Graduate Studies Office hours: facetime ( anytime, confirm previously via email; URGENT situations please call (607)280-9389. KLR K268 sp349
Pinkus, Karen Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature; Editor, Diacritics

On Leave Spring 2020

KLR K269 kep44
Pulsoni, Gianluca Graduate TA - Italian 3:30-4:30pm Fri. KLR KG49 gp365
Recupero, Amanda Graduate TA - Italian   KLR KG49 ajr284
Redmond, Mary K Senior Lecturer of Spanish Language; Associate Chair of Romance Studies By appt. KLR K168 mkr4
Rodriguez de Rivera, Itziar Senior Lecturer of Spanish   KLR K103 ir224
Rosario Ortiz, Félix Graduate TA - Spanish   KLR KG45 fmr34
Rosenstock-Murav, Penelope Graduate Student - French     pr422
Ruiz Mautino, Arturo Graduate TA - Spanish Whatsapp (+51991812034) anytime, confirm previously via email; URGENT situations please call 607-379-5184 KLR KG48 ar2358
Schoene, Adam Visiting Lecturer 11am-12pm Wed. & Fri, & by appt.

KLR K151

Schwaighofer, Pascal Graduate TA external - Italian     ps954
Sedano Naveira, Nagore Lecturer in Spanish 1:15-2:15pm Tues. & 12:15-1:15pm Fri. KLR K133 ns937
Shearer, Christian Graduate Student - French     crs378
Siena, Nora Graduate Student - Italian     ns929
Teutli, Brisa Senior Lecturer of Spanish Language 11am-12pm Mon & Wed, & by appt.  KLR K140 bt54
Tien, Sarena Graduate TA - French 11:05am-12:05pm Wed. & by appt.  KLR KG50 sst72
Tissot, Damien Senior Lecturer of French Language and Literature 12-1:30pm Tues & Wed, or by appt. KLR K124 dt336
Toréa, Thierry Senior Lecturer of French Language

Email : every day from 8:00am to 8:00pm (I will do my best to respond to you quickly)
Facetime : please send me an email prior to initiate a video call @ (315) 237-2472
Urgent situations, please call: (315) 237-2472

KLR K149 tat67
Torres Forero, Juliana Graduate TA - Spanish   KLR KG48 jt758
Traverso, Enzo Susan and Barton Winokur Professor in the Humanities On Leave 2019-20 KLR K261 vt225
Troconis, Irina  Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies

On Zoom:
For 2000-level: 11:30am-12:30pm Tues & Thurs.
For 3000-level: 1:30-2:30pm Tues & Thurs.
Also available by appt. 

KLR K110 irt23
Turtas, Lia Graduate TA - Italian 2:15-3:15pm Mon & Wed KLR KG49 lt373
Vallois, Marie-Claire Associate Professor of French Literature On Leave Spring 2020 KLR K115 mv46
Vázquez Enríquez, Emily Graduate Student - Spanish     ecv27
Vázquez Rodríquez, Heftzi Graduate TA - Spanish   KLR KG48 hmv26
von Wittelsbach, K. E. Senior Lecturer of Italian Language and Romance Studies 11am-12pm Wed
1:15-2:15pm Thurs, & by appt. 
KLR K127 wittelsbach

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