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Photocopiers for faculty and TA use are in Klarman K169.  Both copiers have “scan to PDF” capability.   Please see any of the support staff if you need to be shown how to use this feature.

Copy code

For copying needs related to your teaching, you will receive a copy code.  If you have not received your code, or it does not work properly, please contact Carolyn Keller.

Where to copy?

You have the choice of either copying in Klarman K169 or sending orders to Gnomon. If you have a known copying need and would like to place the order with Gnomon, please plan ahead sufficiently.

Gnomon Copies

You may use Gnomon for department-charged copying:

  • Forms to order Gnomon copying can be found in Klarman K169 or online at
  • Order black and white copies; color copies cost more than black and white copies.
  • Order white paper whenever possible; color paper costs extra.
  • Order only as many copies as you need.
  • Leave your order on the table in K169; it should be returned within 24 hours except on weekends.