Course Add/Drop

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Registering students into courses:   Since students add and drop courses on-line (web-based), this presents a challenge for the staff to manage enrollments for your literature courses.   As our objective is to accommodate all students possible and to keep our enrollments at their peak in language and literature, the following procedures should be followed:

  • Conversion to “Permission Only” should be requested from Cal Hile only after the first day of classes.   Please give Cal at least 2 days notice for the conversion to “Permission Only.”  Note that once a course becomes “Permission Only”, drops can be done without permission online, but adds must be done by stamping add/drop forms. These forms are available to the students, not to the faculty, at the Arts & Sciences Academic Records Office at KG17 Klarman Hall. If you have changed your course to permission only you must maintain a strict wait list and add students according to how they are wait listed. If you do not officially change your course to permission only students may continue to go online and add the course. Consequently, please do not tell a student who enrolls on-line that the class is full and they need to leave the course if they actually enrolled prior to the official change to “Permission Only.” In addition, if you have changed your course to “Permission Only” you should make sure to be in the building and available to students who will be trying to get permission to take the course.
  • Language courses: In multi-sectional language courses, only course coordinators stamp in add/drop forms (not individual instructors).