Department Rooms

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  • Kitchen/Lounge (K164) – If you would like to reserve the lounge for an event at 4:30 or later weekdays or on a day when classes are not in session, please contact Carolyn Keller or any other staff member if she is not available.  In special circumstances, we may be able to reserve the lounge during a portion of a week day.  Please contact Carolyn in these cases.
  • Conference Room (K155) – There is one conference room available.  Carolyn Keller is the primary contact for scheduling K155 Klarman, but any staff member can reserve the room for you. K155 seats 20 people.  Please be aware that this room is not to be used as classroom space except in rare circumstances, with approval from the department manager. This room are available for faculty meetings, Ph.D. exams, section meetings, and committee meetings. The room has a large television which can be hooked up to laptops for presentations or Skype, and a telephone. (Please note: K121 is no longer a Romance Studies room.)
  • Small Conference Rooms - There are two office-sized rooms available for meetings. K148 is available for use by graduate students for student meetings and make up exams, and seats 2-5 people. K111 seats up to eight people and may be used by anyone in the department. K111 can be reserved in advance; if there are no reservations it may be used on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Seminar Rooms – There are two seminar rooms available for talks/conferences from 4:30 – 9:00 every weekday and all day Saturday and Sunday.  On weekdays, these rooms are reserved for classes.  Please contact Carolyn to reserve these rooms.  The large seminar room (KG42) seats 42 people and the small seminar room (KG44) seats 12.