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Kathleen Perry Long

Professor of French, Francophone & Comparative Literature

Klarman Hall, Room 270


Kathleen Long is Professor of French in the Department of Romance Studies.   She is also a member of the Field of Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality studies (FGSS).    Her publications range from articles and books on hermaphrodites and theories of the monstrous to work on religious wars and on monster narratives from the early modern period to the present day.  A Research Companion to Alchemy is in preparation, as is a translation of the satirical novel about the court of Henri de Valois, L’Isle des hermaphrodites, nouvellement découverte (The Island of Hermaphrodites, Newly Discovered).


  • Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program
  • Romance Studies

Graduate Fields

  • Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
  • Romance Studies


  • Gender and Sexuality in the Early Modern World
  • History and Theory of the Monstrous
  • History of Science/Alchemy
  • Religious Violence



Selected Articles:

  • “Improper Perspective: Anamorphosis in the Works of Théodore Agrippa d’Aubigné,” in Medievalia, special issue on Protest and Lament, ed. Dora Polachek (1999)
  • “Narrative Disruption and the Representation of Violence in the Works of Théodore Agrippa d’Aubigné,” in Repossessions, ed. Tim Murray and Alan Smith (Minnesota, 1998)
  • “Hermaphrodites Newly Discovered: The Cultural Monsters of Early Modern France,” in Monster Theory: Reading Culture, ed. Jeffrey Jerome Cohen (Minnesota, 1996)
  • “The Engendering of Masculinity: Jacques Duval on Hermaphrodites,” in High Anxiety: Masculinity in Crisis in Early Modern France (Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies)