Isabel Calderón Reyes

Graduate Student


Isabel is a Ph.D. Candidate in Spanish. Her dissertation proposes the 'errant child' as a conceptual framework for analyzing a corpus of 21st-century Latin American literature and film, engaging in dialogue with memory studies, theories of errantry, performance studies and childhood studies.

Taking the work of feminist critic Laura Mulvey as a provocation, her research approaches novels, films and short stories in search of the children's gaze, which does not simply mean the inclusion of child characters, even narrators or focalizers, but rather a displacement of the authors’ own adult gaze to follow an errant child.

Isabel holds a BA degree in Communication awarded by Universidad Javeriana, Colombia, and an MFA degree in Creative Writing in Spanish awarded by New York University, for which she was funded with a full scholarship by the NYU Graduate Science and Arts School.



Courses taught:
SPAN 2150: Contemporary Latin American Survey
SPAN 2095: Spanish Intermediate Composition and Conversation II
SPAN 2090: Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 1230: Continuing Spanish

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