Graduate Student Placement

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The following is a list of placements of our graduate students in academia over the last ten years. Please note this list is not exhaustive nor do we update it regularly. 

Jennifer Duprey-Colon (2008) Associate Professor, Rutgers University

Hector Hoyos Ayala (2008) Associate Professor, Stanford University

Andres Lema Hincapie (2008) Associate Professor, University of Denver

Luna Najera (2008) Spanish Lector, Yale University

Ximena Briceno Battistini (2009) Lecturer, Stanford University

Mohit Chandna (2009) Assistant Professor, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India

Alicia Munoz (2009) Associate Professor, Macalester College

Anna Paparcone (2009) Assistant Professor, Bucknell University

Andrea Righi (2009) Assistant Professor, Miami University, Ohio

Carolyn Wolfenzon Niego (2009) Associate Professor, Bowdoin College

Martin Oyata (2010) Assistant Professor, University of Vermont

Malia Spofford Xavier (2010) Assistant Professor, Keuka College

Daniel Tonozzi (2010) Instructor, Lehman College

Henry Berlin (2011) Assistant Professor, SUNY Buffalo

Beth Bouloukos (2011) Director, Amherst College Press and Lever Press

Loredana Comparone (2011) Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Zachary Zimmer (2011) Assistant Professor, University of California Santa Cruz

Juan Manuel Espinosa (2012) Dean of Graduate Studies, Instituto Caro y Cuervo, Colombia

Caroline Ferraris-Besso (2012) Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College

Gustavo Furtado (2012) Associate Professor, Duke University

Armando Garcia (2012) Assistant Professor, University of California Riverside

Fernanda Negrete (2012) Assistant Professor, SUNY, Buffalo

Fernando Aguirre Perez (2013) Profesor Contratado, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru

Karen Benezra (2013) Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Emily Eaton (2013) Assistant Professor, Eureka College

Melissa Figueroa (2013) Assistant Professor, Ohio University

Dafna Hornike (2013) Instructor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Rafael Acosta Morales (2014) Assistant Professor, University of Kansas

Morgane Cadieu (2014) Assistant Professor, Yale University

Lorenzo Fabbri (2014) Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Federico Fridman (2014) Visiting Assistant Professor, University of California, Riverside

Michael Reyes (2014) Assistant Professor, Queens College, Ontario

Ioana Vartolomei (2014) Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Cory Browning (2015) Assistant Professor, University of Oregon

Antonio de Ridder-Vignone (2015) French Instructor, South Carolina Governor's School of Science & Mathematics

Pablo Garcia Pinar (2015) Lecturer, Cornell University

Samanta Ordonez Robles (2015) Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University

Pablo Perez Wilson (2015) Adjunct Assistant Professor, Baruch College

Neal Allar (2016) Post-Doc, Tsinghua-Michigan Society of Fellows

Becquer Medak-Seguin (2016) Assistant Professor, The Johns Hopkins University

Pauline Goul (2017)  Assistant Professor, George Washington University

Diana Garvin (2017) Assistant Professor, University of Oregon

Edward Curran (2017) Assistant Professor, University of Evansville

Mario Chacon (2018) Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

Gustavo Quintero Lozano (2018) Post-Doc, Brown University

Sebastian Antezana Quiroga (2019) Visiting Assistant Professor, Syracuse University

Valeria Dani (2019) Post-Doc, ACLS and the Mellon Foundation at the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison

Janet Hendrickson (2019) Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Dallas

Patrick Kozey (2019) Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

Alex Lenoble (2019) Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

Adam Schoene (2019) Managing Editor, Eighteenth-Century Studies, University of New Hampshire

Yen Vu (2019) Visiting Assistant Professor, Hamilton College

Martina Broner Szychowski (2020) Post-Doc and Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College

Samuel Klimke Carter (2020) Lecturer, Dartmouth College

Emily Vázquez Enríquez (2020) Assistant Professor, University of California at Davis