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Intense intellectual engagement across linguistic and textual boundaries

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 The Department of Romance Studies strives to create an atmosphere of intense intellectual engagement across linguistic and textual boundaries, and students are encouraged to take advantage of the wide array of on-campus lectures, events and resources available to them.

Yen Vu

Graduate Student Spotlight: Yen Vu, French

"I have been continuously drawn to the intersection between history and literature, that is, examining the cultural and political vestiges of French colonialism manifested in literary expression. 

I am fortunate that Cornell supports an interdisciplinarity that has encouraged me to become a part of the Southeast Asia Program, in which I am concentrating my minor. My extension beyond the department has given me the opportunity to not only work with scholars in other fields, but also to foster my personal interests through extracurricular discussions on Asian-American identity, contemporary Vietnamese studies, and creative writing."

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