Awards and Fellowships

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Applications for awards are accepted during the spring semester. Please follow the Department on Facebook for announcements and instructions for applying.

French Awards

Carolina Corson French Prize
The Corson French Prize was founded in 1902 by Hiram Corson, in memory of his wife Caroline Rollin Corson. The prizes are awarded to the most distinguished essays on a subject in either French philology or French literature. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to submit an essay. Undergraduate and graduate essays will be assessed separately.  All entries must be written in French, and may either be original essays or essays originally submitted for a course. For information on how to submit your essay and this year's deadline, please visit this page.

Juliette MacMonnies Courant Memorial Prize
Awarded to a senior woman who is a French undergraduate major and who has made the best record in her four years with special reference to facility of expression in French.

Ted Morris Prize
Awarded to a first or second year student who shows great promise for the study of French language and literature.  A student should not receive the award if s/he has special linguistics background that would give him or her undue advantage over other students.  A previous winner of the prize is not eligible.

Spanish Awards

J.G. White Spanish Prize
Three prizes are offered annually based on an exam offered at the end of the Spring semester.  The first is awarded to an undergraduate for excellence in Spanish.  The second is awarded to an undergraduate in the College of Engineering for excellence in Spanish.  The third prize is awarded to an undergraduate from a Spanish-speaking country or Puerto Rico for excellence in English. 

J.G. White Spanish Scholarship
Each year a J. G. White Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate who does superior work in Spanish.  Faculty members identify and nominate students they consider best qualified for the Scholarship.  Only sophomore and junior Spanish majors are eligible.
Candidates’ general knowledge of the language, including its structure and literature, is a major factor in determining the recipient, as is the prospect for continued use of Spanish in her/his future career, maintaining proficiency in the language, and interest in Hispanic culture.  Character and economic needs are also taken into account.  Candidates must have completed a minimum of two terms of successful work in Spanish at Cornell or be registered in a second term of Spanish.  Previous winners of the J. G. White Scholarship or the J. G. White Prize are not eligible.