Alice McAdams

Lecturer of Spanish

Research Focus

Alice McAdams received her PhD in Spanish literature from the University of Michigan in 2020. Her dissertation, titled “The Animate Image: Subjectivity and Objectivity in Spanish Avant-Garde Texts on the Cinema (1923–1931),” examined the mix of fear and fascination with which novelists, poets, painters and directors talked about film in the early days of its advent. This project reflected her broader interest in the psychological effects of the rapid, intense modernization that Spain underwent in the 1920s and how this phenomenon is documented in the cultural production of the Spanish avant-garde.

Alice began teaching Spanish language at Cornell in 2020. Since starting at Cornell, her primary interest has shifted from literature to language teaching. She is dedicated to helping students gain confidence in the language and improve their fluidity while speaking. She sees music as an invaluable resource for increasing motivation for language learning and is passionate about using music in the classroom. Her courses heavily utilize contemporary popular songs as tools for learning grammar and vocabulary, developing the skill of listening comprehension and gaining a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture.



"Leveling the world: Metaphor and deshumanización in the cinematic dissolve." Romance Quarterly 67.3 (2020): 119–135.