Alix Choinet

Graduate Student


Alix Choinet received a license (European B.A. equivalent) in Anglophone Studies from Université Rennes 2 (France). She also earned a master's in Anglophone Studies and teaching English as a second language from ISFEC (France) and a master's in Comparative Literature from Université Rennes 2. Her master's thesis "From Nothingness to Excess : Explorations and Retranscriptions of Trauma in Post-Terrorist Attack Literature" combines narratology and psychoanalysis to look at literature's relationship to history and trauma, and questions the transitive turn in contemporary theory. Other research interests include ecocriticism, whiteness, masculinity and inequality in late-20th century and contemporary French literature. She has worked as a French teacher in the UK for senior high-school students, an English teacher in France after passing the CAPES, and has acted as an interpreter for public and academic events.


FREN Courses - Spring 2024