André Nascimento

Graduate Student


André Nascimento is a doctoral candidate in Romance Studies. His work focuses on Peace Studies, Afro-Diaspora, Indigenous Sovereignties, Marxism, and Latin American literature and politics.

Academic Interests

Spanish - Tsotsil - Portuguese

Research Focus

Titled Molotov Democracies: Rebellious Politics in Latin American Fiction, André’s dissertation examines the relationship between antiwar tactics, democratic instability, and fiction in contemporary Latin America. To develop his arguments, he considers the (missed) dialogues of Mayan epistemology and Marxist theory, Afro-Argentinian zines and hip-hop, and Brazilian protest literature. His work unites ethnographic research and literary criticism to demonstrate how literature builds communal responses and influences political decision-making in regions afflicted with paramilitary hostilities, racial capitalism, and economic inequalities.


André recently published Trincheira: ditadura, transgressão e literatura [Trench: Dictatorship, Transgression, and Literature] (Devires/Latin American Literary Review Press, 2023). His book observes the interplay of Marxist theory, social movements, and queer literature during the Brazilian dictatorship, asserting that political alliances were collective and popular in nature rather than actions of individuated categories.


His work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and volumes such as Associations of the Arts of the Present (2022), Extraprensa (2022), Cultural Perspectives (2022), Asian Diaspora Visual Cultures and the Americas (2022), and Challenging Memories and Rebuilding Identities: Literary and Artistic Voices that Undo the Lusophone Atlantic (Routledge, 2019 - book chapter), among others.