Arturo Ruiz Mautino

Graduate Student


Arturo Ruiz Mautino is a PhD Candidate in Spanish. His dissertation studies the emergence of posthumanist ways of thinking about the works of memory in contemporary Latin American fiction. Drawing from memory studies, fiction theory, animal studies, and critical posthumanities, his dissertation proposes a transregional genealogy delving into contemporary literary production from Mexico, the Andean region, and the Southern Cone. His most recent publications deal with philosophy of technology, Iberian Medieval poetics, and 20th century Mexican literary realism. He received his BA and licenciatura from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and his MA from Cornell University.

Courses taught: 

SPAN 2200: Perspectives on Latin America

SPAN 2180: Advanced Spanish Writing Workshop

SPAN 2097: Monologue: Being in the World

SPAN 2095: Spanish Intermediate Composition and Conversation II

SPAN 2090: Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 1230: Continuing Spanish

SPAN 1210: Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 1120: Elementary Spanish II"

SPAN Courses - Spring 2024

SPAN Courses - Fall 2024