Carolyn Fornoff

Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies


Carolyn Fornoff’s research explores cultural responses to environmental crisis in Latin America, with a particular focus on Mexico and Central America. It asks how art helps narrate and make sense of problems like climate change that are temporally expansive and often difficult to see with the naked eye. She is the coeditor of two volumes in the environmental humanities: Timescales: Thinking Across Ecological Temporalities (University of Minnesota Press, 2020) and Pushing Past the Human in Latin American Cinema (SUNY Press, 2021).

Fornoff is currently finalizing a book-length project, Subjunctive Aesthetics: Mexican Cultural Production in the Era of Climate Change, which traces how contemporary filmmakers and writers in Mexico have shifted away from art’s evidentiary function (its ability to prove environmental crisis) and toward more subjunctive registers of hypothesis and uncertainty that grapple with how the world could be imagined otherwise. A companion article to this work, “Planetary Poetics of Extinction in Contemporary Mexican Poetry,” was awarded the 2022 LASA Mexico Forum Best Article in the Humanities Prize.

Prior to joining Cornell, Fornoff taught at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is from Austin, Texas. She serves on the Modern Language Association’s Committee on Disability Issues in the Profession, the Society for Cinema and Media Studies’ Environmental and E-Waste Committee, and the Hispanic Review advisory board.

Research Focus

  • Mexican and Central American Studies
  • Literature, Film, and Visual Culture in Modern and Contemporary Latin America
  • Environmental Humanities: Ecocriticism, Posthumanism, Animal Studies
  • Critical Race, Gender, and Disability Studies


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