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Colette Waldron

Senior Lecturer of French Language

Morrill Hall, Room 403A

Educational Background

  • A Maîtrise d'Histoire and a Licence de Linguistique Appliquée, from the University of Besançon and the Centre de Linguistique Appliquée de Besançon


Colette Waldron, Senior Lecturer in French, was born in Franche-Comté in Eastern France, adjacent to the Bourgogne area. Her academic background includes a degree in History from the University of Besançon, and she later majored in Applied Linguistics (Linguistique Appliquee) at the Centre de Linguistique Appliquee de Besancon.

Colette has been teaching French has focused her work on French language. She developed and is currently teaching an advanced level language course, French 3050: "Advanced French through Film." She also completely redesigned French 3130: "Advanced French through News" which is offered every spring semester. An active member of the French Studies and Cornell Abroad Programs, she has been nominated twice for the Clark Award for Distinguished Teaching at Cornell.

Having always wanted to be a teacher, Colette continues to be highly interested in pedagogy and enjoys developing new material to teach French language through different medium. Using French films, newspapers, and television newscasts to analyze topics of interests to students, she teaches about French society - its current issues as well as its history and literature - and how it all can relate to other countries.