Ewa Bachminska

Senior Lecturer of Polish Language


Ewa Bachminska teaches all levels of Polish and two film analysis courses: East European Film and Animals in Global Cinema. She is also a faculty associate at Cornell Institute for European Studies. 

Besides, she is a PhD candidate. In her research, she concentrates on wildlife in Poland, especially European bison. Among others, she compares educational methods concerning European and American bison.

Here are excerpts of student evaluations from the spring 2022:

“Ewa is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She’s very understanding and very patient.”

“Professor Bachminska is excellent at what she does! She nurtures a welcoming, understanding, and enthusiastic classroom atmosphere, speaking honestly about all aspects about Polish culture, language, and history.”

“The culture presentations were very informative, and it was rather astonishing to me that the instructor solicited questions from us, around which she centered her presentations. Doing this for multiple classes every semester seems like a lot of work.”


Research Focus

  • The most threatened mammalian species in Poland: their conservation, welfare, and their place in education, culture, and literature 
  • East European film and animals in global cinema