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Irina Troconis

Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies


Irina Troconis is Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies in the Department of Romance Studies. She holds a PhD in Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures from New York University, and an MPhil Degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Cambridge (UK). Her areas of specialization include: Memory Studies, Venezuelan Studies, Politics and Performance, Twenty-First Century Populism, and Digital Humanities.

Professor Troconis’s current book project, Spectral Remains: Memory, Magic, and the State in the Afterglow of Hugo Chávez’s Bolivarian Revolution, explores through the lens of spectrality the memory narratives and practices developed around the figure of Hugo Chávez in the six years following his death. It also examines how contemporary works of Venezuelan literature, film, and performance engage with and challenge the authority of the state’s spectral gaze through the materiality and gender dissidence of bodies traditionally excluded from the narratives of the nation. She is also working on two new research projects. The first examines the performance work of Venezuelan artists Deborah Castillo and Violette Bule. The second explores how digital technologies shape and intervene in contemporary works of Latin American fiction, film, and performance.


  • Venezuelan Studies
  • Politics of Memory in Contemporary Latin America
  • Populism and Performance
  • Digital Humanities
  • Politics and Performance
  • Critical Theory


Spring 2021

Fall 2021


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