Josephine Haillot

Graduate Student


Before beginning her Ph.D in Romance Studies at Cornell University, Joséphine Haillot received an M.A. in Art History and Literature from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), where her thesis focused on multi-media concepts in the oeuvre of filmmaker and editor Lauro Venturi. She was an invited researcher at the Cinémathèque française between 2019-2021. Her current research focuses on representations of working-class life and the wider problematic of class consciousness in French film and literature after 1989; drawing on intellectual history, media theory, and psychoanalysis to investigate the cultural residues of posthistoire from the fall of Berlin Wall to the crisis of neoliberalism and the “end of the End of History.”   

FREN Courses - Spring 2024

ROMS Courses - Fall 2024