K.E. von Wittelsbach

Senior Lecturer of Italian Language and Romance Studies Director, Cornell-in-Turin Summer Program in Modern European Politics


K. E. Bättig von Wittelsbach completed her education at Brown University and is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Romance Studies. She also directs the Cornell-in-Turin Program in Government.

She is also an affiliate faculty member in Cornell's Jewish Studies Program.

She is the recipient of the Carpenter Award for Distinguished Advising and the Clark Award for Distinguished Teaching. Her research interests include:

  • Jewish-Italian tradition and literature; 
  • modern Algerian literature and intellectual history; Jews in Northern Africa;
  • Swiss literature;
  • European politics and language standardization (esp. Italy, France, Switzerland and the Balkans);
  • multilingualism and lexical interference; role of poetry in second-language acquisition;
  • Italian minorities and border zone question; 
  • Italian-speaking communities outside of Italy
  • 18th-century Franco-Italian intellectual exchange and literary influences;
  • nation-building in 19th-century Italy and Germany.

Office: 127 Klarman Hall

E-mail: wittelsbach@cornell.edu

Research Focus

Algerian literature in French. African literature in English and French.

Italian-Jewish literature and traditions. Italian literature in the border zone.

Franco-Italian literary influences (XVIII-XX cent.).

Language standardization, language policies and Italian minorities in the Balkans.

Bosnian literature.

Maltese literature.

Mediterranean studies.

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