Macarena Tejada López

Lecturer of Spanish Language


Macarena Tejada López received her Ph.D. in Romance Languages from the University of Oregon in 2021. Her dissertation is titled "Combatientes fascistas de España: La División Azul a través de los Estudios Culturales." and examines personal narratives, fiction, and film by and about Spain's Blue Division in the 1940s and 50s through the lenses of masculinity, trauma studies, and the political economy of cinema. Macarena is also interested in Holocaust studies, Fascism, contemporary Spanish film, and the graphic novel.

At the University of Oregon, Macarena has taught a wide arrange of courses. From Elementary and Intermediate Spanish, as well as oral skills, and survey courses on literature and cultural studies focused on 20th-21st Spain and Latin America.

Courses - Spring 2022