Corson French Prize now accepting submissions for 2022

is now accepting applications for the Corson French Prize for 2022.

Established in 1902 by Hiram Corson in memory of his wife Caroline Rollin Corson, the Corson French Prize is awarded to the most distinguished essays on a subject in either French philology or French literature. The contest is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, who will be judged in separate categories. Winners of the Corson French Prize will receive $1,150 for the first place and $650 for second place in both the graduate and undergraduate categories. 

All entries must be written in French and may either be original essays or essays originally submitted for a course. In the latter case, the essay should be retyped and all appropriate corrections and emendations made. In the introductory paragraph, candidates should state clearly and succinctly the thesis they are arguing in the essay.

For each submission, candidates should sign their essays with a pseudonym, and indicate whether they are submitting in the graduate or undergraduate category. The student writer's real name should be enclosed in a sealed envelope and attached to the entry. Prior winners are not eligible.

The deadline is April 29, 2022. Please submit all entries to Cal Hile (

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