Waleska Solorzano

Graduate Student


Waleska Solórzano is a Ph.D. student of Latin American Studies in the Department of Romance Studies. She received her MA in Philosophy with a concentration in Ethics and Public Affairs and a CERG in Women and Gender Studies from George Mason University, where she studied climate ethics and the temporal dimensions of photography through philosophical analysis rooted in critical theory. She is one of the recipients of the 2018-2019 Boren Fellowship Award and the 2019 Critical Language Scholarship to Indonesia. Her research focuses on aesthetic manifestations of the Venezuelan diaspora, or what she terms the Venespora, vis-à-vis queer, or subversive, artistic practices. She primarily engages with digital humanities, Latin American and Southeast Asian diasporas, politics and performance, queer nightlife cultures, and Venezuelan studies. She is currently developing a digital platform for Venezuelan artists under the auspice of the Digital Co-Lab at Olin Library and the HASTAC Scholars program, with funding from the Society for the Humanities.

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